I’m not terribly good at talking about myself, and I generally think that to be a virtue when I’m not explicitly supposed to be doing so. Everyone it seems, is so full of themselves that they rarely bother to take the time to think about anyone else. I try not to be like that. I try to put others first. But today we’re here specifically to talk about the Left Dissenter, and I being xim, I suppose it prudent for me to break my own rules.

I imagine I’m like a lot of you. Fed up with the state of politics and culture, anxious for a change. But then, Donald Trump HeWhoShall NotBeNamed supporters want a change too, and so change can be a topic prone to a good deal of interpretation. So let me be more specific. Though I am (mostly) white, I’m fed up with living in a “white” society. There is of course a racial component to this, but it is greater than that. By “White” I refer to normalcy. The cis-white-hetero-patriarchy? Sure. Capitalism? Of course. Christianity? I shiver to even mention it. Patriotism? I risk spilling the contents of my stomach onto this keyboard just thinking about it. The State? Meh…

The Democratic Party? Well, the lesser of two evils to be certain, but still very “White” in our sense no matter how hard they try to court the black vote. No amount of immigration will breed this type of Whiteness out of Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, I’d pray for him if I thought it did any good. A man after my own heart for sure, I voted for him in the primary just like every decent human being, but still very “White” in the normalcy sense. “Democratic Socialism” Hooray, we can be more like Europe! Don’t make me gag.

All of this has been centered like an advertisement to sell left wing ideas to “White” society. Unfortunately, the reason we are all dominated by white supremacist cisheterosexual capitalists is because we are trying to play by their rules. Why are we trying to “reason” according to white male “logic” in the first place? We simply accept their interpretation of “reality,” and then beg desperately for them to alter those perceptions.

Well, feel free to call me a tyrant for saying this, but those interpretations are entirely absent anything even remotely resembling merit. Tinkering with the tax code will not smash a global system of rape and murder out of existence. This silly “progressivism” is absolutely killing us by giving people the impression that the perpetuation of capitalism and White society is anything other than regressive slavery. The entire process of societal thinking is polluted by “White” male “logic” which is pre-destined to reach precisely the conclusions we’ve been reaching for centuries.

As leftists we want diversity, and equality. We have no right to act surprised when “White” males look at us like idiots when we attempt to frame this in terms of their “logic.” Their response seems perfectly reasonable to them “How can we simultaneously be different and the same?” and we stutter like fools trying to fit that into their worldview. To accept “logic” is to accept “White” society, it is to accept hierarchy, capitalism, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

The entire worldview and “logical” process needs to be smashed out of existence without any regard for the dignity or lives of the oppressor class. This will not be a bloodless conflict. It is a struggle for survival and only one of us can live on this Earth. The “Whites” know this, and it is time we accepted it ourselves. The coming conflict will make Hitler and Pinochet look like Care Bears if we don’t stand up like Mao and put an end to the reactionaries once and for all.

With that in mind, I hope you’ll understand why I choose to keep myself anonymous. Suffice to say, my skin looks white enough for me to pass for one of them. If I had to choose a label for my sexuality, it would be hetero-flexible. Oh, and monogamy is slavery BTW. I don’t identify within the gender binary, and I don’t find creative labels for “gender” all that much more useful, but I am cursed with a passport that says I am male. I live in the whitest of white societies, to the point it is nearly impossible for me to find Chinese or other ethnic food, which is perhaps just as well since I’m a strict vegan.

I’m still working on getting everything set up here, with a serious focus on maintaining my anonymity. Once I have all that worked out, we’ll get to doing podcasts and perhaps YouTube videos. Stay tuned, and please consider donating if you support my work.