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My First Post

Well, my second if you count the About page. I suppose I should tell you how I’m feeling.

I feel scared. I’m afraid someone is going to find out who I am and I will lose my job. I’m afraid the right wingers will lynch me. But more than anything I’m afraid it is too late. I fear that the “White” male “logic” global societies are based around is so hard coded into our very DNA, that we will never escape it, and the disastrous consequences of its predetermined conclusions will continue in perpetuity until the end of human existence as we know it.

To me, and to many others, a diverse equality is just so perfectly obvious as an ideal way of life. We don’t even require evidence or a “scientific” approach to determine this. It is self evident, we know it from our oneness with the Earth and the universe. In terms of public policy in America and Europe, it would almost appear the rest of humanity had joined us in this self evident knowledge.

But the right wing backlash we are seeing, Mein Kampf flying off bookshelves, Donald Trump HeWhoShall NotBeNamed, Marine Le Pen, UKIP, Pegida, and other racist groups are the predictable and dangerous result of our thought process. They say our philosophy is nonsense and if we give into their “logic” they win the argument ten out of ten times because their “logic” is designed to reach the same conclusions we’ve been reaching for centuries.

I fear I lack the linguistic skills to even explain it. For one to say they reject “logic” out of the gate is like saying they reject correct thinking because “logic” has become synonymous with “the only permissible thinking.” Meanwhile in “reality” this particular thought process deserves no more recognition than any other. If I think one way, and you think another, then we simply have different ways of reaching conclusions. If I perceive the world to be one way, and you perceive it to be another, one of us need not be correct and the other incorrect. We are equally correct, because we are simply explaining our perceptions and it is impossible for one of those things to be any more correct than the other.

The most harmful influence in our society is exactly this line of thinking. That when two people disagree, one of them must be wrong. This is completely false and deserving of no legitimacy. This is where racism, sexism, homophobia, nationalism, libertarianism, and even mainstream anarchism come from.

They all must be destroyed.

So let’s start a movement together. A movement of oneness, and individualism. A movement of equality, and diversity. A movement of tolerance which finally vanquishes the intolerant.

Stay Tuned…


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