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“LGBT” is Inherently Homophobic

When we’re trying to dismantle the thinking of the white cis-heteropatriarchy, we often run into trouble with language. So please understand that I am not trying to denigrate “LGBT” people, advocates, or allies when I say this, but the terminology itself is inherently bigoted.

"LGBT" is Inherently Homophobic
“LGBT” is Inherently Homophobic

Saying that someone is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is othering them. Don’t even get me started on “queer.” It starts with the premise that heterosexuality and cis-gendered people are “normal” or “White” and the rest of us who break from the standard are some kind of outcasts in need of a special advocacy group. I am not gay, bisexual, or transgender. Nor am I “male” or “heterosexual”. I am a human being (putting speciesism aside for the moment), who finds pleasure in genital and other sexual contact with other beings in this universe. This should require no further explanation, we all do.

It may well be the case that LGBT groups are a necessary evil when we’re trying to beat back the oppressor State. Fighting for the rights, equality, and special privileges of those who don’t conform in standard is a worthwhile cause. That said, the labeling itself brings its own series of harms. The necessary implication of “LGBT” is that there is a right and wrong way for people to have sex, that those ways of having sex require categories, and that those categories are capable of being defined within the “White” male “logic” of the oppressor.

This is the mainstream left’s naive attempt to “reason” with a belligerent and mortal enemy, and we have no right to act surprised when it fails miserably. As this becomes more obvious, the terms just expand to include the “gender fluid” or the “otherkin” and all manner of other identities and patterns of sexual behavior and preference. With each expansion, these efforts to escape from the tyrannical “White” male “logic” are again sucked in and oppressed once more in the name of advocacy.

It is a terrible crime and no matter how many times I see it I want to cry.

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